Newly-installed tiles transform the aesthetics of spaces and improve their functionality especially
in crucial areas of architecture including corporate buildings, hospitality establishments,
government edifices and residential projects. Unley Construction delivers streamlined tiling
services that achieve project objectives on target and on schedule. We have contingents of
professionally trained installers prepared to finish different projects from minor retiling up to the
most intricate tile works.

Unley implements professional tiling services for interior and exterior spaces:

 Government Buildings
 Corporate Offices
 Hotels and Resorts
 Sports Facilities
 Residential Properties
 Healthcare Facilities

Collaborate with the Unley Team
From consultation, estimating costs, sourcing to installation, our project managers employ a
well-structured system to ensure major considerations are addressed and progress is
consistently on track. Equipped with extensive field experience and a solutions-based work
culture, our installers can tackle complex tiling projects with remarkable results. We adhere to
strict compliance of building regulations for the safety and security of our stakeholders. Our
dedicated and disciplined installers minimise interruption of regular operations and ensure
sanitary and safe jobsites. Your company can save on time, cost and resources if you entrust
your project in our capable hands.
Call us today or email us your project queries and we will respond promptly with a quotation.

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