In construction, painting is essential to the completion of a project not just for aesthetics but for
the protection and longevity of architectural and interior surfaces. Unley Construction provides
top-notch professional painting services for building, restoration or renovation projects. We cater
to a wide range of industrial and commercial projects and cover the whole gamut of painting
requirements from consultation, assessment, paint selection to application. We are proud of our
team of professional painters that possess the speed and dexterity to ensure polished and
flawless project execution.
We have an inclusive scope of professional painting services catering to several sectors:
 Residential Projects
 Commercial Buildings
 Government Institutions
 Industrial & Engineering Structures
 Urban Planning Designs
 Art and Historical Buildings
Explore Unley Solutions
Unley Construction gives fresh solutions after intensive assessment of the scope of painting
projects to be done for industrial, commercial or residential buildings. We walk you through a
multitude of modern and innovative paint treatment options to decide on the finest choice.
Introducing ecofriendly solutions is an integral part of our services because we believe that
sustainable practices will result in the productivity and prosperity of your company until the
future. We assign expert painters to the field knowing they can work efficiently with other teams
and implement solutions that precisely cover your project requirements.
Call us today or email us your project queries and we will respond promptly with a quotation.

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